I am so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for being part of our campaign. To everyone who stepped up to knock on doors, make phone calls, put up signs, or chip in with a donation -- you have provided the energy that fueled our campaign and inspired our team to work harder. I am grateful to each of you and proud to call you friends.

We must all unite together now behind Chris Pappas -- because this moment in our country is so important. The character and values of our country are at stake. We must keep this seat blue and send a representative to Washington who will put Granite Staters first and stand up to Donald Trump, and I know that Chris will be that leader. I am going to be working hard to elect Chris and I’m going to ask all of you to grab a clipboard, lace up your shoes, and join me in that effort.

Remember, our fight has never been about me, or any one of us. It’s about who we are as Americans and the future we want for our children. It’s about a positive vision for New Hampshire in which every Granite Stater has access to affordable healthcare, where no child has to be afraid to go to school because of gun violence, where women have the right to make their own healthcare decisions, where we solve this opioid epidemic and bring good-paying jobs right here to New Hampshire. I remain as committed as ever to each of you, to electing Chris, and to serving the country I love.

Thank you, and onward!